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2023: Deltans Are Looking Up To God, Okowa, For A Successor That Will Not Loot State Treasury – Eacgov Oghenesivbe,




Says I have No Regrets Withdrawing From DC-23 Lobby Group.

By EgbemaVoice,

Executive Assistant to Delta State Governor on Communications, Chief (Barr) Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, JP, has disclosed that the good people of Delta State, are fervently praying to God, to inspire and to direct the State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, and other leaders in the state, to carefully and painstakingly pick a successor whose performance will surpass the laudable achievements of the incumbent governor.

Oghenesivbe made the disclosure on Sunday 12th December, in a live Radio Public Affairs programme monitored in Asaba, saying that Deltans have absolute confidence in Okowa’s leadership and good governance strides, hence they want God, to work through him, the leaders and political structures of the ruling party in the state, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to inaugurate a team player governor, servant-leader; prudent, God fearing, accessible and humble, to take over the mantle of governance on May 29, 2023.

“By the grace of God, Gov Okowa is the current leader of the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and as our leader we know his pedigree and capabilities, and at the appropriate time he shall give direction after wide consultations with other leaders, as to what the future holds for our great party in the state, particularly 2023 governorship election.

“As a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of the governor and the state party chairman, Olorogun Kingsley Esiso, to mobilize other leaders and party faithfuls for the 2023 governorship race, and to unfailingly give us a clean and popular candidate, as well as a successor who will not only build on Okowa’s remarkable achievements but to surpass it, for the benefits of all Deltans.

“And one thing I know for sure is that Deltans do not want a successor that will loot the state treasury, they are looking up to God, to inspire and to direct Gov Okowa to give them a visionary governor that will lead them into another era of sustainable visionary leadership, unprecedented infrastructure and socioeconomic development across the three senatorial districts.

“Deltans are yearning for an Okowa’s successor that will expand and sustain job and wealth creation to guarantee lasting prosperity for the people, a tested and trusted prudent manager of financial resources, such that would protect and prevent the State image from national and global negative publicity.

“And I can tell you for free that Gov Okowa, will do the needful to ensure that the choice of the people shall prevail before and after governorship party primaries in 2022. He owe it a duty to God and to Deltans, to give us a popular, credible, humble, God fearing and a leader with integrity as his successor in 2023” Oghenesivbe said.

In response to another sensitive question on who is likely to emerge as DC-23 consensus aspirant after the screening exercise, Okowa’s dogged Eac said “I neither comment on DC-23 affairs nor give opinion on their strategies and how they intend to accomplish their “open” and “secret” goals or agenda.

“And as a former member of the group and pioneer pre-inauguration publicist, I did not and will never regret withdrawing my membership because I believe that as a Christian who solely depend on God to take control of my destiny, I am not permitted to have the luxury of regretting why certain things happened.

“I neither know the mind of God, what He sees ahead of me nor what He have in stock for me. My destiny, my today, my tomorrow and my future is in the hands of God, and whatever happens at any material time may be a stepping stone because any stone thrown at me today, both positive and negative experience gathered from political deception and disappointments shall be used to build the ladder for my next level.

“I was invited by Chief Amori to join DC-23 and he specifically said and I quote ” Fred, I want you to be the head of DC-23 Media Group. For now, you will be the only media personality in our midst and nobody else. And by the time we open the doors to other people and when the exco is constituted, you shall continue to be the head of media and publicity team.”

“And to my greatest surprise, his promise or what you may call gentleman agreement was repudiated without any justifiable reason. Leader Amori, during our third meeting read a long list of nominated Exco members comprising three positions for Media and Publicity; National Publicity Secretary and two Assistant Publicity Secretaries.

“Not only that my name was missing in the entire Exco list, I did not also make the list of the three positions given to media and publicity unit of the group. I was like ‘nah so politics things dey happen?’

“I brought the development to the attention of Leader Amori who exonerated himself, saying it was for my sake he zoned National Publicity Secretary to Ethiope East LGA, and that it was the leaders of my LGA that dropped my name at their caucus meeting and replaced me with Olorogun Arthur Akpowowo, a serving Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Urban Renewal. All efforts I made to resolve the obvious injustice was resisted by a cabal.

“I went further to suggest creating one additional position for Publicity unit in the Exco to accommodate me but the owners of DC-23 stood their ground and all positive efforts failed woefully. It was at this point, I knew that there was more to it than meets the eyes.

“Leader Amori later reluctantly offered to create a subcommittee on Publicity outside Exco and to make me the Chairman, but I declined on the grounds that it was a mere face saving tactics. The simple truth is that I was recklessly and unjustifiably betrayed by a cabal in DC-23, but no regrets whatsoever. The group missed me a great deal, that I know for sure.

“The entire scenario was dark and cold. It was an attempt to undermine my pedigree, and as EAC to H.E the Governor, it was either an exco position or noting. I like to make progress, not to retrogress. And as a joint heir with Jesus Christ, it was appropriate and mandatory for me to reject and to forbid demotion and retrogression. I had to withdraw my membership of DC-23, because I am totally and radically allergic to retrogression and demotion.

“Leader Amori is my benefactor and somebody I hold in high esteemed and will continue to appreciate him and respect him dearly. It was very unfortunate that we found ourselves in that unpleasant game of political deception, which obviously could have been avoided by simply righting the wrong by the group’s leadership.

“It was Amori’s candid intentions to have me head DC-23 media and publicity team because he invited me to join the group with a promise, but unfortunately he could not muster the required political and leadership willpower needed to keep his gentleman agreement, knowing fully well that in media and political communication strategy ‘if it is not LATIMORE, it can never be like LATIMORE.

“I wish DC-23 the best of luck in her endeavours and Chief Amori will, for sure, continue to be my political leader, DC-23 or no DC-23. All that happened between me and the group is now history. I am very happy that the beautiful bride (DC-23) I announced to the whole world some months ago, is doing pretty well, and that pleasure will always be mine.

“The task ahead is huge. My boss the Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, is a man of impeccable character and a promise keeper. He is worth defending for his good governance strides and selfless service to Deltans, he will finish very strong by the grace of God.

The Office of the eacgovdelta and Coalition for Media Politics and Governance, CMPG, shall continue to defend and project this administration and Gov Okowa, to the best of our abilities, and to the very last second of this administration, God willing,” Oghenesivbe assured.